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Delicious Integration- Peekaboo Guru join hands with Eat Mubarak

Peekaboo Guru integrates Eat Mubarak

Peekaboo Guru is fast becoming the go-to app for the Pakistanis. What started as a simple app to show who is offering what discount, the app has now evolved into a lifestyle guide offering number of different service under one umbrella. From discovering nearby places, finding promotions & offers to ordering food, booking tickets, shopping […]


Allied Bank Integrates Peekaboo Connect

Allied Bank integrates Peekaboo Connect

Allied Bank Limited (ABL) & FetchSky signed an agreement by which the ABL will integrate FetchSky’s Peekaboo Connect on all its platforms – Mobile App, Web & Social Media. The signing ceremony took place at Allied Bank Headquarter, Lahore, Pakistan
. Peekaboo Connect is suite of services which powers the Loyalty & Offers, Bank location network […]


Bank of Punjab signs Agreement with FetchSky to integrate Peekaboo Connect

Peekaboo Connect

Press Release (Peekaboo Connect): Bank of Punjab, one of the largest Banks in Pakistan & FetchSky, a Pakistan based information technology services provider, signed an agreement by which the Bank of Punjab will integrate FetchSky‘s Peekaboo Connect on all its platforms – Mobile App, Web & Social Media. Peekaboo Connect is a solution developed by […]


Meezan Bank signs Agreement with FetchSky to integrate Peekaboo Connect


Meezan Bank, Pakistans first and largest Islamic bank & FetchSky, a Pakistan based information technology services provider, recently signed an agreement to integrate FetchSkys Peekaboo Connect platform to transform the way Banks discounts and promotions are presented to customers. Through this facility, which will be integrated on the Banks website, Mobile Application and Social Media […]


Now SavYour is on Peekaboo Guru

Peekaboo Guru SavYour

SavYour, one of the leading lifestyle application that offers thousands of deals and discounts on more than 1,000+ outlets of premium brands in Pakistan, is now on Peekaboo Guru. With SavYour free discount app, you can save up to 80% on a broad range of categories including Food, Apparel & Footwear, Accessories & Fragrances, Entertainment, […]


JS Bank and FetchSky Enter into Strategic Partnership

20th March Karachi: Striving for ever greater technological innovation, JS Bank has signed an agreement with FetchSky whereby the Bank will integrate Peekaboo Connect into its digital assets. These include the Banks website, social media forums and its mobile application. A highly interactive and customizable digital services suite, Peekaboo Connect digitizes the Banks product, service […]


International Women’s Day 2018- Deals, Discounts & Promotions

Celebrate International Women’s Day with discounted Food and offers at Shopping Outlets A handy guide to make the best of Women’s Day celebrations and offers in the city. Here are some of the best Women’s Day Deals. For complete list visit this our site https://peekaboo.guru 1. Wingitt- 50% Off 2. Bloomsbury Restaurant – 30% Off […]


Soneri Bank partners with Peekaboo Guru

Soneri Bank partners with Peekaboo

Karachi: Soneri Bank with its recent strategic alliance with FetchSky brings together the combined expertise of the companies on one common platform, with mutual goals for providing innovative and advanced financial services to our valuable customers. The bank will integrate FetchSkys Peekaboo Connect on all its digital platforms Soneri Mobile App, Corporate Website & Social […]


Peekaboo Guru- Year in Review 2017

The year 2017 has been absolutely phenomenal forPeekaboo Guru. Thank you for being a part of it! Let’s take a brief look back at the year 2017:  


Black Friday 2017- All The Deals, Discounts & The Survival Guide

Black Friday 2017

While the people in Pakistan are wrangling over Black Friday and White Friday and with some arguing why they dont get such offers on festive events like Eid or Ramadhan. But behold, is there any single soul in the universe who hates discounts?Let us just take the advantage of solid discounts on Black Friday 2017 […]


About Peekaboo Guru

Peekaboo Guru

Peekaboo Guru

Can’t keep track of the discounts and offers? We have been there too. What unique about Peekaboo is that provides the information about all the deals and discounts on one centralized platform. Be it a discount on your Bank Card, Insurance Card, Student Card, Voucher Books or apps or discounts and sales announced by your favorite brand, you no longer need to worry about missing out on important information.