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Bank of Punjab signs Agreement with FetchSky to integrate Peekaboo Connect

Peekaboo Connect

Press Release (Peekaboo Connect): Bank of Punjab, one of the largest Banks in Pakistan & FetchSky, a Pakistan based information technology services provider, signed an agreement by which the Bank of Punjab will integrate FetchSky‘s Peekaboo Connect on all its platforms – Mobile App, Web & Social Media. Peekaboo Connect is a solution developed by […]


Frozen Wonderlands in the Midst of a Heat wave : Karachi’s Famous Ice Cream Parlors

Ice cream in Karachi

As nature unleashes its annual wrath on Pakistani weather in the summer months of May and June, temperatures in Karachi have skyrocketed to 40 degrees on some days. That coupled with relentless load-shedding has made life extremely difficult for Karachiites. To bring you some relief from this tormenting ordeal, we have created the ultimate bucket […]


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Peekaboo Guru

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