Delicious Integration- Peekaboo Guru join hands with Eat Mubarak

Peekaboo Guru integrates Eat Mubarak

Peekaboo Guru is fast becoming the go-to app for the Pakistanis. What started as a simple app to show who is offering what discount, the app has now evolved into a lifestyle guide offering number of different service under one umbrella. From discovering nearby places, finding promotions & offers to ordering food, booking tickets, shopping and calling rides, Peekaboo Guru is on its way to become the most valuable digital asset in the country.

Peekaboo Guru has integrated with a leading Online Food ordering service, Eat Mubarak which has tens of hundreds of eateries in the portfolio. This integration enables the Peekaboo Guru users to directly order food from the Peekaboo app in major urban centres of Pakistan.

Peekaboo Guru food ordering Eat Mubarak

Mehdi Hassan, CEO of Peekaboo Guru said:

Peekaboo Guru envisions to become the complete lifestyle guide of Pakistan & beyond, offering different services to people from one platform. Instead of reinventing the wheel, we are integrating with top service provider who are leaders in their respective domains. Food ordering is obviously a key digital service and with our integration with Eat Mubarak, Peekaboo Users can now order food directly from the Peekaboo app with EatMubarak sitting on our back to support the workflow. We aim to further extend this integration to our banking and fintech partners who are using Peekaboo Connect Integration on their Mobile application, Website & Social Media.

Yusuf Jan, Co-founder Eat Mubarak expressed:

“We are very excited for the integrations of Eat Mubarak with Peekaboo Guru, and we look forward towards providing a value driven service for the fast growing digital economy in Pakistan. We, as Pakistanis, love food and eating out, and this is something that we are providing together for our customer base who can now order food from within Peekaboo Guru as a result of this integration.”

Existing and New Peekaboo users can update and download the Peekaboo Guru app respectively from:

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