Bank of Punjab signs Agreement with FetchSky to integrate Peekaboo Connect

Peekaboo Connect

Press Release (Peekaboo Connect):

Bank of Punjab, one of the largest Banks in Pakistan & FetchSky, a Pakistan based information technology services provider, signed an agreement by which the Bank of Punjab will integrate FetchSky‘s Peekaboo Connect on all its platforms – Mobile App, Web & Social Media. Peekaboo Connect is a solution developed by FetchSky to transform the traditional banking into marketplace banking.

Peekaboo Connect is a suite of services which powers Loyalty & Offers, Bank location network, and banking products with rich and standardized data and technology. Using AI and machine learning, it studies the patterns, preferences and behavior of the banking customers to better understand their needs. With rich geo-based data, it entices the customers and increases customer engagement.

In addition, it will also act as a bridge between the bank and the third party services such as ride-hailing companies, online retailers and others to open up their experience on the banking platforms.

Peekaboo Connect aims to introduce innovative technologies and modules to enhance the existing banking functions as well as new innovations.

Speaking at the occasion Mr. Farrukh Saeed, Head Alternate Distribution Channels of Bank of Punjab, said BOP is committed to bringing innovation and modernization that supports the evolution of Digital Banking in Pakistan.

We are pleased to signup Peekaboo Connect, a one of its kind service that will not only rejuvenate customer experience on our digital channels but will also help us improve our products and services based on customer behavior.

Mr. Shujaat Ameer, Co-Founder of Fetch Sky, said

We are delighted to see the visionary outlook of BOP in enhancing the digital experience of their customers. We look forward to working together and continue to offer innovative services to the end users of BOP. Our innovative solution, Peekaboo Connect that specializes in building standardized and normalized Geographic and Places data powering business’ digital systems through a SaaS platform called Peekaboo Connect. It will ultimately enhance the customer experience and draw actionable analytics through consumer intelligence.

The Peekaboo Connect services have now been introduced and are available to The Bank of Punjab customers via BOP Mobile Banking as well as the BOP website.

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