Frozen Wonderlands in the Midst of a Heat wave : Karachi’s Famous Ice Cream Parlors

Ice cream in Karachi

As nature unleashes its annual wrath on Pakistani weather in the summer months of May and June, temperatures in Karachi have skyrocketed to 40 degrees on some days. That coupled with relentless load-shedding has made life extremely difficult for Karachiites. To bring you some relief from this tormenting ordeal, we have created the ultimate bucket list of places where you get the best ice cream in Karachi:


Picture Credits: FourSquare Page – The Hot Spot

With its unique ambiance, wild interior and great choices of ice cream, Hot Spot is one of the best ice cream parlors in the city. The ice cream always tastes great and their other dessert treats that are combined with ice cream are absolutely delicious. Having one warm chocolate brownie with a scoop of vanilla super fudge ice cream will leave you wanting more!

Hot Spot Menu | Address


Picture Credits: Movenpick Page

Movenpick has always lived up to its reputation of providing the best quality ice cream. The taste is brilliant and their mint chocolate chip ice cream is one of the best flavors on their menu. Although it may be slightly pricey, the Swiss-based franchise is one of the best places to enjoy a cone from and will not disappoint.
Movenpick Address

Iceberg Ice Cream

Picture Credits: Iceberg Page

One of the oldest ice cream stores in the city, Iceberg has not lost its step in all its years of service. Not only do their unique flavors like Sicilian always meet high standards but their Crunch Kulfi is to die for!
Iceberg Address

Cold Stone Creamery

Picture Credits: Cold Stone Pakistan Page

The North-American franchise originated in 1988 and has eventually found its way to Karachi, opening 2 locations in the city. With its infamous high-quality ice cream creations, as they call it, and a wide variety of toppings as well as its pre-packaged to-go offerings, Cold Stone is a place where you can’t go wrong.
Cold Stone Menu | Address


Picture Credits: Kaybees Page

McDonalds may provide a nice, swirly vanilla cone but it pales in comparison to the swirly ice cream cones provided by Kaybees. Not only does their soft serve taste heavenly but the ability to customize how much of each flavor one would like in their serving seals the deal in bringing in customers looking for something different. This makes Kaybees one of the providers of the best ice cream in Karachi.
Kaybees Menu | Address | Deals & Discounts

Lush Crush

Picture Credits: Lush Crush Page

Lush Crush’s Ice Pops brought a storm in Karachi when it opened and I waited in LONG lines just to get my hands on the creamy Ice Pops which are Hea-ven-ly. The first flavor I tried one humid day was the Nutella Fudge. Surprisingly, it turned out to be a Nutella-filled food that I actually liked because everything nowadays has Nutella stuffed into it which gets a little boring after a while. This, however, tasted super creamy and chocolaty. There was not an overpowering flavor of Nutella in it which is why I ended up having 2 for Rs.180. This is a pretty reasonable sweet treat to have when the heat is bringing you down making it a top pick for best ice cream in Karachi.

Lush Crush Address

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