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SavYour, one of the leading lifestyle application that offers thousands of deals and discounts on more than 1,000+ outlets of premium brands in Pakistan, is now on Peekaboo Guru. With SavYour free discount app, you can save up to 80% on a broad range of categories including Food, Apparel & Footwear, Accessories & Fragrances, Entertainment, Health Care and Home based businesses. You can download the SavYour app for free here:

SavYour Peekaboo Guru

Peekaboo Guru, a location based portal that acts as a business directory and shows all the deals and discounts near you and beyond. It is a centralized hub of all the business and their offerings. Now consumers no longer have to worry about presence, location, direction, branches, contact details, menu, ambiance & gallery, consumer reviews and most importantly the deals and discounts the businesses are offering in the market.

On this collaboration, Shujaat Ameer, Head of Business & Customer Support added:

SavYour is a promising free discount app to hit the market and I expect it to do rounds. With SavYour offer listings now in Peekaboo Guru, it will assist its large user base to make smarter buying decisions and in return will give SavYour relevant new users.

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