The Meatiest, Juiciest & Yummiest: Best Burgers In Karachi

Whenever we think of burgers, we are always trying to imagine some greasy, sloppy and fattening meal that is just a burst of flavors in your mouth. Burgers in Karachi don’t always satisfy our cravings because they’re either really expensive or they are almost bite sized which is a bit of a let-down when you are expecting a really juicy and meaty burger with a hearty serving of fries on the side. If you are looking for the best burgers in Karachi, then here are 4 burger joints you need to check out ASAP.

1. Oh My Grill

Oh My Grill! Best Burger in Karachi Peekaboo Guru

Oh My Grill is serving one of the best burgers in Karachi, without a doubt. When this cozy little burger joint opened, people went to check it out in huge numbers which is why many of us avoided going there in our efforts to steer clear of long lines, average burgers and hefty bills. However, this place has lived up to all its reviews and it is serving some amazing burgers that all Karachiites should try at least once. Their Classic American is prepared fresh and served with some delicious crisp and golden fries that you can get in a meal under Rs.700. Their Gouda Cheese Burger is also the perfect burger for those who like to splurge and treat themselves. Something that is worth mentioning is that these guys are making their own buns which is one of the many reasons why the burger tastes so good so the next time you crave a gigantic patty between two fluffy buns, you know where you need to go.

Oh My Grill Menu | Address |Oh My Grill Deals & Discounts

2. Hardee’s

Hardees-Best Burger in Town Peekaboo Guru


Ever since Hardees opened up in Karachi, it’s one of the most visited burger joint. People love to check out all the delicious burgers and devour one or two sloppy Mushroom Cheddars. Though these are a bit pricey, but are slathering on the cheese, meat and have every artery-blocking ingredient. Highly recommended!

Hardees Menu | Address | Hardees Deals & Discounts

3. The Sauce Burger Cafe

The Sauce Best Burger in Karachi


The Sauce is one of those hidden gems that you might have heard about from your friends or family, but are not quite sure if it is worth the try or not. Worry no more because if it is on this list, it is surely worth your time and money. The Sauce makes some unique, tasty and affordable burgers that you should have tried by now. Their burgers usually cost around Rs.250-500 and are massive. With a generous sized patty, a handful of veggies and a variety of sauces, it is surely worth the money. Their Potomatoes (Fries with toppings) are a meal in themselves so you should try them if you decide to opt for any burger from this restaurant, located in Nueplex.

The Sauce Menu | Address |The Sauce Deals & Discounts

4. Burger O’Clock


Burger O’Clock has some insanely delicious burgers that are extremely meaty and huge in size, which is why you need to go there to get your money’s worth and satisfy your taste buds. All of their burgers have so many toppings and sauces that you can never complain about them being dry or average. I really love their packing as well and it might be the best in Karachi. Love the affordable burgers and dessert options as well.

Burger O’Clock Menu | Address | Burger O’Clock Deals & Discounts


In our humble opinion, a meal isn’t complete without some meetha. So here’s the list of Top 10 Desserts in Karachi

Desserts in karachi

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