What’s Brewing? Top 6 Coffee Places in Karachi

Coffee Places in Karachi

Coffee has always been one of the go to beverages for most Karachiites who have a busy day ahead and need that extra boost to get through the day without feeling irritable or tired. Karachi has many Coffee Shops that are serving some decent cup of Joes, but not all of them have managed to wow everything away and have them coming back for more.

Best Coffee Places in Karachi

Some of the Coffee Shops listed below have been the local hotspot for Coffee for quite some time now so if you are looking for a decent shot of Espresso or a nice cup of Cappuccino, this is THE list for you.


MOCCA Best Coffee in Karachi


Ever since Mocca opened, coffee lovers flocked in huge numbers to check it out as it was the newest addition to the Coffee Map in Karachi. Even though the food was disappointing on various occasions, people always managed to praise their coffee and their authentic brews as they make it better than anyone else in the town.

Address | Mocca Coffee Discounts


Lals-Top Coffee Houses in Karachi


Lals is one of my personal favourite places to go out with friends because of the relaxing ambiance, mood lighting and a great selection of Coffees. With On days when I’m not in the mood for a really strong Coffee, I head over to Lals because they never seem to disappoint and there is always a fleet of waiters looking to serve customers which is always a plus one. Their Dark Chocolate Latte is happiness in a cup for only Rs.320 and their Caramel Macchiato Latte is just the perfect thing to drink if you want something on a sweeter side.

Lals Menu | Address | Lals Deals & Discounts

4. Butlers Cafe

Butlers Chocolate Cafe Best Coffee in Karachi


Coffee at Butlers Cafe is a cut above the rest because you can really taste the effort that goes into each and every single cup of theirs. Great Coffee is only as good as the one who prepares it and I certainly think that Butlers is serving some of the most delicious Coffees in K-Town. Their Hot Chocolate is the ideal drink to have during the Winters and their Cappuccino is indescribable because it is simply too good.

Address | Butlers Cafe Discounts

3. Espresso

Espresso Cafe Best Coffee in Karachi


Espresso is very popular in this city because they serve good food side by side with spectacular Coffee which is why people don’t like taking a risk by trying different places and instead opt for this place because they rarely disappoint and when they do, they more than make up for it by giving something on the house which just wins over everyone’s hearts. Their French Kiss Cafe Latte is one of the most popular drinks among the Hot Coffees and Hazelnut Frappe is just divine because you get a really strong taste of Hazelnut which other places fail to get right. Prices range from around Rs.150-400 which is why this option is one of the more budget friendly ones too. And the best part is that you get a free Cookie on a Facebook Check-in.

Menu | Address | Discounts

2. New York Coffee

New York Coffe Best Coffee in Karachi


It’s the kind of place that makes you feel welcome and like you would gladly become a regular. New York Coffee is a perfect place to grab a coffee and chill out. The Nutty Raspberry Bronx served at New York Coffee is one of the best in town. Though their service is not up to the mark, but they take their coffee seriously.

New York Coffee Menu | Address | New York Coffee Discounts


FLOC For the love of Coffee Best Coffee in Town


For The Love of Coffee (FLOC) recently opened in Zamzama and I was one of the first people to go try it out after hearing people rave on about it day and night. What is different about this place is that they are serving Nitro Brews which is Coffee mixed with Liquid Nitrogen which sounds super cool.

The Black Coffee which is chilled comes in a glass that is the size of your palm and costs around Rs.500. Being a Black Coffee lover, I enjoyed this since the nitrogen made it sweeter and gave it a nice overall flavor, but I probably wouldn’t go there every time I crave Coffee because it is a little bit pricey. Nonetheless,this place is definitely worth a try.

FLOC Menu | Address

P.S: Keeping in mind last couple of visits to Gloria Jeans, we believe they have lost their glory and we didn’t include it in the list of Top Coffee Places in Karachi.

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