6 Healthy Food Places in Karachi for Guilt-Free Indulgence

Healthy Food in Karachi

Ever since the health and fitness craze has taken over Karachi, there is no going back to junk food and lazing around in your house all day. Karachiites are always on the hunt for the healthiest food with the lowest calorie count possible to keep their heart healthy. To cater the ever-increasing demand, many restaurants have sprung up and have started offering healthy alternatives for breakfast, lunch and dinner. Being a health conscious person myself, I always try to keep myself updated on the newest and best restaurants that are serving up some delicious and healthy food.

Some of these restaurants have won over thousands of people and here are my top 6 picks:

1. N’eco’s Natural Store and Cafe


Intent on spreading the message of living a healthy lifestyle, N’eco’s Natural Store and Cafe is the place to go for a completely organic menu and healthy food. They have a cozy interior with lots of kitchen-inspired artifacts which gives it a personal-family dinning room touch. The common misconception that healthy food can’t be finger licking good; at N’eco’s this will change. They have an amazing and delicious breakfast menu. Their Caramelized French Toast is something to relish.

N’eco’s Natural Store & Cafe Menu | Address

2. Pantry


The Pantry serves healthy dishes that are quite satisfying and I got to know about it when I joined the 42 Day Challenge and learnt that The Pantry offered meals for all challengers. Out of excitement, I decided to try one or two items from their menu one day as it looked really appealing. I ordered the boneless Tikka which was for around Rs.400. The dish came within 30 minutes, piping hot and fresh, and I was quite happy with the taste and sides. It was mildly spicy and was served with chopped vegetables and a cool yoghurt dip that balanced out acidity and spiciness quite well.

The Pantry Menu | Address |The Pantry Deals & Discounts

3. Evergreen

Evergreen is the most talked about eatery in town right now and for all the right reasons. This tastefully decorated place, although a little small, is serving up some dishes that Karachi has never seen before. Their Greek Burger has some drool worthy ingredients in it and the Coconut Lassi is really refreshing.

Other items worth trying are their Sweet Potato Fries for only Rs.180 and their Banana Kale Smoothie. Located on Sehar Comm., this eatery is definitely worth a try.

P.S its better to make a reservation before going because the place is always packed.

Evergreen Menu | Address

4. Treats – Health in a Box

Treats- Health in a box

From hygiene to taste, from timely delivery to convenience and from portion to health, Treats is possibly the best solution for healthy food in Karachi. It’s a saviour for people who are calorie conscious and want to eat low-cal home-cooked meal everyday in the office, but are unable to do so due to various reasons. All the dishes on the menu have a calorie count, making it easier for you to watch your intake.

Treats Menu

5. The Ultimate Detox

The Ultimate Detox

The Ultimate Detox is serving some high quality fitness drinks and snacks that will have you addicted to them instantly. Their Smoothies and Detox Drinks are super yummy and contain the freshest fruits and vegetables. Almond butter served atthis joint is just to die for. Their Orange shots are also an instant boost of energy.

The Ultimate Detox Menu | Address

6. Greeno Juice Bar

Greeno Juice Bar

Greeno Juice Bar is the best place to go if you want to try some light drinks that will aid in digestion and weight loss, improve your immunity and take care of your skin. Their drinks are made right in front of you and its an extremely satisfying experience, seeing different fruits and vegetables being blended and coming out in eye popping colors.

If you want to try a mixture of new flavors, then you should definitely go here.

Their juices have all the things most trainers tell you to consume. Loved the refreshing feeling you get after drinking something light, tasty and affordable.

Greeno Juice Bar Menu | Address | Greeno Juice Bar Deals & Discounts


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