4 Cookies to Devour in Karachi

Cookies are one of the most popular sugary treats almost everyone loves to eat, regardless of age. They are meant to be soft, chewy and loaded with either chocolate or nuts. Whenever, we spot some cookies anywhere, we pray that we find one with the perfect chocolate to nut ratio or one with a soft center and crunchy outer part. Slightly warm cookies are the best because if they have a filled center, you are most likely going to have chocolate sauce oozing out or have a real soft chocolate chip cookie. Chocolate Chip Cookie may not excite everyone because of so many new flavors but, for me, they will always be the number one flavor.

Cookies in Karachi

Take a look at these 4 places that have the most decadent cookies in all of Karachi:

1. Bella Vita


The cookie served at Bella Vita is absolutely humungous and served fresh and hot with that cool and creamy Vanilla Ice cream on top. That fudge taste paired with that delicious Vanilla flavor is enough to transport you to heaven.

P.S: They take around 20 minutes to serve it.

Bella Vita Menu | Address | Bank Discounts at Bella Vita

2. Subway



Subway, hands down, is my forever favorite place for Cookies. The variety of cookies makes it almost impossible for me to decide which one to gobble down because all of them are just too good to pass up on (I’m not losing any weight anytime soon). Their Double Chocolate Cookie is just the perfect size and if you warm it up a little, it literally just falls apart in your mouth and you can see the chocolate dripping everywhere (Drooling yet?)

Another good flavor is their Macadamia Nut Cookie as Macadamia tastes so good in cookies and it comes all the way from Australia. I like the fact that it is priced below Rs.100 and it is one of those few good things we can eat that is not ridiculously overpriced. The last resort would be the plain Chocolate Chip Cookie which may not be as exciting as the other two, but it is surely pure chewy goodness waiting to be eaten.

Subway Menu | Address | Discounts at Subway

3. Espresso



Whenever I have had Cookies at Espresso, they have always been free because this is one eatery that knows how to treat its customers properly. Just a simple check-in on Facebook and you get cookies. This is one of the things I look forward to whenever I go to Espresso. Their cookies are really good, especially when they are served fresh.

Espresso Menu | Address | Discounts at Espresso

4. Karamel


Karamel Cookies in Karachi


It would have been a sin if I had not added Karamel to the list because they are making the best cookies in Karachi and no, I am not exaggerating. Their double chocolate cookies are loaded with Chocolate Chunks and any other flavor of theirs is a must try. A little on the pricier side, but totally worth it. You will definitely going to want more once you have them once.

Karamel Menu | Address


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