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10 Most Mouth-Watering Desserts in Karachi

Life is too short. Eat dessert first!

Karachi has countless restaurants, bakeries, ice-cream shops and cafes that serve the yummiest sweets and desserts. But when it comes to satisfying your sweet tooth, how does one choose where to go?

Unfortunately, choices are usually made by convenience and proximity when you are living in such a huge and traffic-heavy city like Karachi. However, the ride can be worth it at times but then theres always a risk!

Here are top 10 desserts of our city. Go ahead, pamper your sweet tooth!

Delizia Cupcakes

Picture Credit: Delizia Page

These cupcakes are an absolute heaven when you are craving something sweet. They come in different flavours such as Red Velvet, Ferrero Rocher, After-Eight and much more! These cup cakes are moist and keeps you wanting more and are the best cupcakes in Karachi.Desserts in Karachi

Price:Rs. 120
Menu | Location

Cosmopolitan Ferrero Rocher Pancakes

Picture Credit: Cosmopolitan Page

Have you ever met someone who doesn’t like pancakes? It’s as rare as finding a unicorn. The reason? Pancakes are the most delicious breed of desserts. Pancakes are usually eaten for breakfast, but there’s no harm in demolishing a stack of pancakes after a main course. Ferrero Rocher pancakes served at Cosmopolitan are out of the world and one of the best pancakes in Karachi. You can taste the Belgian chocolate in every layer, a must-have for the ones with a sweet tooth.

Price:Rs. 525
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Scream Hot-shake

Picture Credit: Scream Page

Scream is known for its yummy nitrogen ice-cream which is made right in front of you! However, do not miss out on their hot-shakes. Basically, these shakes taste like hot chocolate which come in different flavours. Our personal favourite is the Nutella hot-shake, that’s rich, thick and oh so delicious! So what are you waiting for? Order these and get in the winter spirit!

Price:Rs. 300

Sugar Momma cupcakes

Picture Credit: Sugar Momma’s Page

The home-based baker, Sugar Momma offers a wide a range of cupcakes, dessert cups and cookies, made with premium ingredients. Our personal favourite are the Oreos & Cream and Ferrero Rocher cupcakes.
Sugar Momma is the only Momma you need in your life!

Price:Varies on the order

Bakes N Bites by Amna Nutella Banoffee Tart

Picture Credit: Bakes ‘N’ Bites by Amna Page

This is not your typical Banoffee pie. It is set on a digestive-biscuit base and then layered with toffee sauce, banana, Nutella and whipped cream. Best Banoffee pie in the city, highly recommended!

Price:Rs. 2000

The Waffle Cart

Picture Credit: The Waffle Cart

Who doesnt love waffles? Along with pancakes and French toast, theyre the hallmark of a carb-heavy breakfast.
Here at the Waffle Cart, the waffles are not your ordinary big chunky waffles that are crunchy on the outside and soft inside. Add a scoop of ice-cream for a better touch. Personal favourite: Ferrero Rocher Waffle

Menu | Location

Xanders Double Chocolate Brownie

Picture Credit: Newsline Magazine

Moist and delectable Belgian chocolate brownie with Lindt chocolate chunks served with vanilla icecream. This dessert is literally heaven in K-town and the best one served on E street. Xanders never disappoints!

Price:Rs. 540
Menu | Deals & Discounts | Location

Karamel Cookie Cups

Picture Credit: Karamel Page

If you are more inclined towards a toasty warm, cooked cookie that melts in your mouth with delicious chocolate chunks, head now to Karamel. Karamel also specializes in cookie cakes and huge chocolate cookies. At Karamel, “With every bite you will be lost in the world of chocolatey gooey-ness”

Price:Rs. 900 for a box of 6
Menu |Location

Whoops Doughnut

Picture Credit: Whoops Page

Freshly made hot mini donuts! Made using imported cake batter pre-mix and served with your choice of topping. Not a lot of people know about this place, but its easily accessible in the locality of Badr Commerical and serve the best donuts in Karachi. If you prefer your donuts warm (and maybe a bit oily), Whoops is the place you need to be at.

Price:Rs. 190 for 6

Espresso Choco Java Break Shake

Picture Credit: Espresso Page

Espresso is the ideal place if you want to grab a coffee. The vibes are chill and offers a good selection of coffees. Their signature drinks are absolutely divine; our personal favourite is the Choco Java Break Shake.

Price:Rs. 375
Menu | Deals & Discounts | Location

Which one of these inspires you to take the next Careem or Uber out, drooling along the way?
Which is that one dessert that you cannot wait to try? Tell us in the comments below


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