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Doesn’t it really bust your mood when you have to pay a hefty amount of money for tasteless and trashy meal?
How about you buy a new shirt which shows its True Colors after the first wash?
Or perhaps, you take ages to plan that perfect romantic date but end up choosing a techno-themed restaurant.

With new shops and restaurants popping up every day like tadpoles in a rainy season, its becoming even harder to narrow down the quality options providing value for the money.

To help address these problems, people around the world read and write consumer reviews to share their good and bad experiences to help others avoid making the same mistakes. Reviews not only assist you in making the right choices but also allows the businesses to take their customers seriously. Review spread awareness and that what keep the service on its toes.


Peekaboo Guru, is Pakistans first lifestyle guide. This mobile app helps the people read and write the Consumers Reviews about their experiences of places. Be it food, fashion, health, entertainment or education, there is finally an application in Pakistan to help people make the right choices and learn from the experience of others.

Remember, your customers will talk about you. No comment isnt an option. So, what do you want them to say and how will you get them to say it?
Consumer Reviews

Peekaboo with its cool and flexible interface, allows the users to rate the restaurants and other businesses. People can upload the reviews with pictures and comments. Whats cooler is that people can sort the reviews based on the recent comments and trending ones  something that a social media sites cant effectively.

The idea behind adding consumer review is to help people make more informed decisions in life and also allows the businesses to understand the pain points of their customers on a completely independent platform. Customer reviews and revenue go hand in hand. In fact, companies with the highest customer loyalty typically grow revenues at more than twice the rate of their competitors.


Consumer reviews are reassuring for people who have never done business with you. Detailed reviews can remove doubts in the minds of shoppers about certain products or services, making them more likely to go ahead with their purchase decision.People feel better about their decision when they see many others have taken a similar one too.

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