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Guru Eyes- Pakistan’s First Geo-Located Augmented Reality App

Guru Eyes

It’s a timeless, exhausting and frustrating struggle. You’re with a friend or family and stomachs start rumbling and you simply don’t know where to eat. Or it’s your first time to Lahore and the friend you were depended has ditched you at the last moment. Or Lost in the mall or road, can’t see the options around.


Granted, it doesn’t have to be that way.Peekaboo Guruwhich was already showing you in list format Directions, Contact, Ambience, Menu/Services, Deals and Discounts on Banks and Businesses, Consumer Reviews of places near you, has now launched an exciting feature called Guru Eyes.

Guru Eyes utilises your phone’s camera to launch augmented reality. It shows you different entities locations in real time. Users can easily explore places while shopping, exploring new neighbour hoods or lazing in a park- all the user need is to orient his or her smartphone in a given direction and each entity that has a listing on Peekaboo Guru that exists in that area will conveniently appear.

Video Credits: Fazz Kazi & Photography By Haider

More About Guru Eyes:

This feature, a first of its kind in Pakistan, is based on Geo-Located Augmented Reality and allows the people to see what their eyes can not see. Gone are the days when mobile camera was just good for taking pictures and capturing videos. This cool feature allows the people to explore the world beyond their eyes through the the camera lens of the mobile phone.

Let’s say you just happen to visit Lahore for the first time and only want to hit awesome food places offering discounts, Guru Eyes will then show you all places, with discounts, based on your current GPS location! Wild, right!

Anywhere you are — just click on the Guru Eyes, the phone camera will open up along with a radar. As the user move around, it can see the places around. Be it food, fashion, Entertainment, health, education and others, Peekaboo’s Guru Eyes will let you explore the world you didn’t think exists.

With Guru Eyes, you are never lost, never out of options and most importantly provides you a cooler edge over your geeky friends.

How Can I Download The App?

You can download the app totally free from the following stores:

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